Get Real Augusta National Food And Drinks For Your Masters Party!!


Never too early to bring up the Masters! But this is a real Masters party! Seriously. Now, despite not being able to make it to the course for the competition, any one of us can have one.

How genuine? 100 per cent, or at least a portion of it. We’re discussing sandwich toppings for Pimento Cheese, Egg Salad, and Pork Bar-B-Que. The art of cookies. Masters sip from cups. This makes a perfect foundation for your Masters viewing.

All of these treats are contained in what Augusta National refers to as the “Taste of The Masters” Hospitality Package. It arrives at your door. That’s accurate. Or “YesSIR,” as Verne Lunquist would have exclaimed after Tiger made a putt.

24 oz. Tubs of Egg Salad, Pimento Cheese Spread, and Pork Bar-B-Que are included in the Masters party-to-go. The kit is said to serve 12 to 14 people. There are 12 bags of potato chips, six ordinary and six Bar-B-Que, in addition to the sandwich spreads.

All of these treats are contained in what Augusta National refers to as the “Taste of The Masters” Hospitality Package. For dessert, the Masters includes 12 individually wrapped cookies. It might be a chocolate chip.

In their quest to deliver an experience that is “exactly like being there,” they have turned no stone unturned. Sandwiches can be wrapped in branded wax paper (the sleeve of 12 sheets). Twelve of the coasters are themed. There are tiny, yellow sandwich toothpicks with the Masters flag.

For the sandwiches, you’ll need to buy your own bread and/or buns. You do want them to be fresh, right?

How much is this? It’s not, in fact, a McDonald’s. The entire kit costs $175, including shipping. That applies to the entire continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii, I apologize. You must travel to California or Washington, have your box delivered there, and then take a flight back home.

Taste of The Masters will debut no later than Friday, April 7, 2023, and you can depend on Augusta National when they say something. And hurry up. There are just so many things.

Now There’s More You Can Do To Have A Masters-Themed Event.

If you really want to go all out, you may get a copy or look-alike green jacket on eBay for under $100.

Genuine Masters hats are available from MMO. Regular hats cost $60, caddy hats cost $70, and a bucket hat with a logo costs $109.

You can get two wine glasses with the Masters insignia for roughly $110 if you prefer glass stemware to plastic cups.

The chicken sandwich, a popular menu item, is absent from the box, but you may head over to Chick-Fil-A right away. If $175 and pricey stemware are out of your price range, we looked at several alternatives.

A fascinating article about having your own tournament-themed party, complete with beverages and drinking games, was published by as in, everyone drinks whenever Jim Nantz says, “Hey friends.”

I could also quickly prepare egg salad for a sandwich, despite the fact that I haven’t cooked anything other than cherry pie in years. Even though I am currently terribly kitchen challenged, it’s really not that difficult.


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