In His Most Recent PGA Jab, Phil Mickelson Attacks Tiger Woods And Company Personally


Tiger Woods received some critical comments from Phil Mickelson. In the past week, the 52-year-old has been particularly active on Twitter in response to the notion of a team event that would battle the PGA Tour against LIV Golf.

A potential historic team tournament was proposed and predicted to be “the most watched golf event in history” in a tweet from the account @flushingitgolf.

Mickelson took notice of the conversation on social media, but he assured it would not happen anytime soon because of the “domination” the LIV roster would cause. It sounds terrific, but because we would win so easily and it would end so quickly, television would have to fill the hour of downtime. That is the reason it isn’t occurring right now, he said.

The three-time Masters champion took a vicious shot at the 15-time major champion when supporters demanded that Mickelson and Woods serve as team leaders. In reference to Woods’ severe injuries from a car accident two years prior, the former world number two wrote, “Tell him he may use a cart.”

Due to the effects of his injuries, Woods has only participated in three events since the collision, and the American has refused to play on the PGA Tour using a cart to help him navigate the course. They have a combined 136 titles, and their fights throughout the mid-2000s capped what was arguably golf’s fiercest rivalry.

Over the past year, Mickelson and Woods have fervently defended their respective golf tours, and the bitter rivalry between the PGA continues to rage. The PGA Tour this week announced a new regulation in its most recent attempt to discourage amateur players from competing in the LIV Golf series.

Awaiting the conclusion of an arbitration action, stars who switched to the LIV Golf series are already barred from competing on the PGA Tour and might also be prohibited from competing in DP World Tour tournaments.

However, the LIV Golf series now threatens to prevent those talented amateurs or college players for a year from competing on the PGA Tour after having recruited them.

“Any player who has participated in an unauthorised tournament is unable to compete in any event sanctioned by the PGA Tour for a period of one year,” states the new regulation that was implemented for the 2022–23 season. The new regulation is applicable to both PGA Tour tournaments and any qualifying competitions.

The two have developed what is perhaps golf’s fiercest rivalry, which peaked on the course in the middle of the 2000s. They each have 136 PGA Tour victories between them and frequently find themselves neck and neck at the top of leaderboards.

Off the course, they frequently argue with one another, and now that they are both firmly on opposing sides of golf’s civil war, their enmity has only grown.


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