LIV Wants To Rejuvenate Golf, According To Sergio Garcia

The 43-year-old Sergio Garcia from Castellón is anticipating his second season in the LIV Golf League after an arthroscopy on his knee from which he is totally recovered and two Asian Tour tournaments on his return to play in February—Saudi International and International Oman Series (Arab Super League).

The 2017 Augusta Masters champion spoke in zoom with several international media outlets, including Mundo Deportivo, about this new initiative that is revolutionizing golf, about the relationship with the Grand Slams, and also about Jon Rahm, stating that “if I could, I would sign him for the LIV, but he is very good on the PGA Tour and what he has achieved this start of the year, with three victories and two other top tens in five tournaments is spectacular.

Hideki Matsuyama, a Japanese player, would be the additional player he would bring.

Sergio Garcia, Results

At the Mexican resort of Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen, the heart of the Riviera Maya, Sergio is prepared to tee off this Friday on the El Camaleón course.

In the virtual zoom, Garcia said, “The fact is that I am really looking forward to starting the season here since, at this time of the year, the course is very different from when we played it in November, and the truth is that it is in really good condition, better than ever.”

When asked what the Super League is and signifies, Borriol was very explicit, saying: “Of course, the product is different, different from what we were used to playing throughout our lives. This year there are 14 events, one of which is in Spain (at the Valderrama field in Cádiz).

Because you’re playing for your three teammates as well as yourself, who are all good friends, I believe that what makes it so unique is the sense of team. I believe that this allows you to develop a much closer bond with your teammates than you might be able to in a typical tournament.

For us, it is quite exceptional, and we take full advantage of it. Also, he made a comparison to the PGA Tour. This year, there will also be additional television coverage in the US, and the number of tournaments has increased from eight to fourteen over five continents, making it a more international event.

LIV’s commitment to making our followers younger, revitalizing golf, and increasing tournament coverage are some of its additional goals. A few players may have had a greater say on the PGA Tour, but here, they pay attention to everyone’s input to make this Super League better.

If I regret abandoning one to play the LIV, what then? We don’t compete in as many tournaments since they take excellent care of our financial needs, allowing us to spend more time with our families, said Sergio. 

The official from Castellón also mentioned that the LIV players will be allowed to compete in the four Grand Slam events, which are the Masters, PGA, Open USA, and British Open, in that sequence, without any restrictions or discrimination.

The top players in the world must compete in the “bigs,” and if some of the best players in the LIV are barred from the “majors,” then the fans will not be able to watch Dustin (Johnson), Cameron (Smith), Brooks (Koepka), or Bryson (DeChambeau) there.

The sponsorship agreement Adidas held with him since 1999 when he turned professional in the Spanish Open in El Prat, was decided not to be renewed at the end of 2022.

Despite the fact that the relationship is still strong, it was not in their plans to renew me; instead, they wanted to go on “Sergio finished without even the slightest bit of animosity.

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