The Masters Tournament Awards and Trophies

Does the winner of The Masters receive awards and trophies? Yes! Everyone is aware that the champion of The Masters Tournament receives the famous Green Jacket. The fabled Green Jacket is awarded to the overall winner from The Master along with the Sterling Replica Masters Trophy and Gold Medal.

The Masters’ Trophy was introduced in 1961. The trophy was created in England and had the 900 silver pieces that created the form of the clubhouse. The award is set on a pedestal that is covered with silver and is embossed with the name of each Masters winner and runners-up.

The winner isn’t the sole golfer in The Masters who receives a trophy. There are many awards, trophies, and medals, among other awards, given out each year.

Let’s know about The Masters Tournament awards and trophies.


The trophy is set on a pedestal, and the silver bands offer space to inscribe the name of the winner and the runner-up. In 1993 it was the first time the Sterling version of the long-lasting The Masters trophy was presented to the winner, as well as the Gold Medal.

  • Name engraved on permanent The Masters Trophy which remains at Club
  • Sterling Replica of The Masters Trophy
  • Gold Medal
  • Green Jacket

The winners also receive a gold silver medallion (3.4 inches across, 2.3 ounces) featuring an image from the Founders Circle in front of the Clubhouse.


  • Name engraved on permanent The Masters Trophy
  • Silver Medal
  • Silver Salver

From 1951 onward, the winner and the runner-up also received a 1.7 troy ounce silver medallion that shows the Clubhouse located at The Founders Circle off Magnolia Lane. It’s similar to the gold medallion of the winner.

Low Amateur

The lowest amateur in The Masters also receives a trophy, however, only when the lowest amateur is able to make the cut. (If there is no one who makes the cut, then only one amateur will be awarded this trophy.)

The award is given to the amateur who is shown above by a youthful Sergio Garcia, a Sergio who evidently did not yet have a stylish sense of fashion. The trophy awarded to amateurs is a silver cup, and it is, as you might expect, called the Silver Cup by Augusta National poobahs.

The Silver Cup has been awarded to those who are low-level amateurs making the cut since 1952. It means that the lower amateur has won an award in The Masters for longer than the overall winner has.

Contest Trophy and Other Masters Awards

It is a Par-3 Contest played on Wednesday during the Masters week, just one day prior to when the official tournament begins. The winning player in this Par-3 Contest also receives a trophy.

The award is made of crystal and is displayed by Jerry Pate, who won the 9-hole fun event in 2005.

Name of The Masters Tournament Awards and Trophies 


A crystal bowl is also awarded to athletes who capture an albatross, referred to by some as double eagles. There have been only four in the history of the tournament; it is the most difficult trophy to get.


The most popular way to win an award engraved in The Masters logo is to build an Eagle. From 1954 to 1962, those who made an eagle were awarded the clear highball crystal. From 1963 to 2011, a pair of crystal goblets were awarded. Today, a pair of crystal highball glasses are awarded to those with a card with an eagle.

Double eagle

A huge crystal bowl is presented to those who have a double eagle. Only four double eagles have been recorded in tournament history, and it’s the toughest trophy to get.

Day’s Low Round

Crystal in the form bouquet awards to those who have scored the day’s lowest score.

Additional Awards

Augusta National Golf Club gives out several prizes and trophies at The Masters every year. Alongside the ones that are mentioned in the preceding pages, these awards are available:

  • The winner of the tournament receives an award of silver, which is similar to the gold medal, with the exception that its silver.
  • The tournament’s runner-up also receives a Silver salver (a salver is an eating tray).
  • The second-lowest amateur, provided he has made the cut, is awarded an award of a silver medal.
  • Every day during the event, the player with the lowest score gets a crystal vase with The Masters logo inscribed on it.
  • Any person who scores a hole-in-one gets a huge crystal bowl adorned with an image of The Masters logo.
  • The large bowl of crystal is available to golfers who have the double-eagle.
  • Every golfer who makes an eagle in the tournament will receive two crystal goblets engraved with an image of The Masters logo.

The Masters Tournament Prize Money

2022’s purse was a huge increase over the previous years. Scottie Scheffler netted $2.7m for his victory. That’s 630,000 over Hideki Matsuyama, Dustin Johnson, and Tiger Woods have won at the previous three events.

The Masters purse was raised by $3.5m to $15 million dollars.

Only the Players Championship on the PGA Tour Players Championship, which pays the winner $3.6m from a staggering total prize of $20 million, is more lucrative.

The Open Championship pays the winner $1.935m from the tournament’s $10.75 million prize. In addition, the winner of the PGA Championship victor receives $1.98m from an $11m prize.

Wrapping up

So, you know about The Masters Tournament awards and trophies. The champion of The Masters receives an official green jacket as well as the gold medal.

Are you eagerly waiting to watch The Masters Tournament and know who will take the awards and trophies?


Who won the most awards and trophies at The Masters?

The person who won the most awards and trophies in The Masters was Ken Venturi. In 1956, at The Masters the amateur player took home the runner-up award, the low amateur trophy, and also trophies to commemorate the lowest score of the day on days 1 and 2 as well as for two eagles in the tournament. Jack Nicklaus, who has had his fair share of The Masters titles, also has been awarded the most Masters awards, winning 53.

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