The Masters 2023 Leaderboard

Wondering about finding fast and accurate live scores, schedules, results, standings, statistics, and ranking of the players for the upcoming Masters Tournament? If so, then, nothing will be best than to keep connected with some well-renowned websites featuring the Master 2023 leaderboard.

Well! Look no further as we are going to highlight such 5 best websites and apps to follow the Live Leaderboard in real time for this mega golf event.

A leaderboard is basically a visual presentation of the players, showcasing scores from an event. It is enough to add a newer degree to the overall excitement for that sporting event.

 So, without any more delay, let’s walk you through the best online live leaderboard and player ranking software to make you more thrilled for the entire golf tournament week!!

5 Best Websites and Apps to Follow The Masters Live Leaderboard

1. (Official Website) is the leading website to follow the Masters live leaderboard. It is like an official home for the lice scoring, highlights, stats, analysis, discussion, and many more for the entire tournament week. Besides, you can enjoy the live and exclusive coverage from April 6th-April 9th.

Along with the website, it is featuring an official app as well that is exclusively available on the Google Play Store and App Store. The app is also quite popular for providing the leaderboard of this golf tournament. In short, and its featured app is the most convenient way to insight into how the competition is progressing.

Simply navigate to the website and access the live scoring at the very top. Or, launch the app on your preferred device, open it, and start by registering with a free account.

2. is another well-designed website featuring all the options to enjoy all the live actions of the Masters, including featured groups, tee time, and even holes. It is the official home of the Golf and FedExCup.

The website is quite familiar to worldwide golf fans for ensuring real-time Live Scoring for the Masters event. It nicely shows the players with the highest score at the top and the lowest scores at the bottom.

Even you can also get updated stats, past results, the latest news, and even the full schedule of the tournament from the website window. Also, you can easily group out major things like the winner from each round.

3. is one of the top-rated leaderboard-based websites for major golf tournaments. Basically, it is best known as the home of the Masters Tournament for making an exciting addition to this event. When the matter comes about live scoring of this tournament, this website is always at the top of the list for worldwide sports lovers. It shows each player’s result for the entire week including the present and last scores.

Along with this, you can able to update the score of the player from each round with totals. Besides the live score, this sports website is quite incredible for delivering the latest news and all the updates about ticketing. So, it’ll be worth sticking with the Augusta website for the entire tournament.

4. is one of the advanced websites, we must say in the case of the live leaderboard of the Masters Tournament included with many other tournaments. CBS is always being the main television partner for this event since 1956. Basically, PGA Tour on CBS is most likely a branding used for broadcasts of the PGA Tour, produced by CBS Sports.

When you are navigating to the website, you will see the PGA Tour tab on the top right corner of the winder. Just tap on it and you will find a very nicely decorated leaderboard, highlighting the position, countries, and scores of each round of the players.

Even the most amazing thing is that you can get updated about the earnings summary of each player as well with the scores. Above all, the website delivers standings, rankings, stats, and schedules of the tournament. Even it is holding the broadcast television rights for a minimum of two rounds of the Masters Tournament.

5. is listed as one of the best websites for score-providing methods to the fact of the Masters Tournament every year. Mainly the Golf channel always focuses on coverage of the sport of golf as well as the live coverage of tournaments. So when the term comes about the live scoring, it is not lagging behind.

Visit on your web browser where you will find the specific tab on “PGA Tour”. Just tap on it and it will redirect you to the live leaderboard of the event along with tournament highlights, tee times, statistics, schedule, and even shorts details of the players as well.

On the leaderboard winder, you will the complete leaders as you would expect for the top leaderboard-based sports website. Starting with the position ranking of the player, you will find the score of each round of every player with the total. In short, you are getting everything very easily here thus we recommend to must check this out!

In Closing!

Well! That’s all from us here about the Master 2023 leaderboard. I hope our comprehensive discussion is enough to rectify all of your queries regarding how to follow the live player evaluation results and rankings of this golf tournament! Thanks for being with us!

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