The Masters Medal

So you’re crazy about golf and you yet don’t know about The Masters Medal? Well, Don’t you worry because I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about The Masters Medal so that you can come out as the most knowledgeable one in your friend circle.

As we know, The Masters Tournament winner gets a lot of gifts for being a winner. That includes, of course, the renowned Green Jacket, a replica of the permanent Masters trophy, and a Gold Medal.

The size of gold medallion is 3.4 inches in diameter, and it weighs 2.3 ounces. A view of the Founders Circle in front of the clubhouse is featured in it.

The information storm doesn’t end here, my friend. Go along with this blog for a little more to know about the history and criteria of the gold medal and who has won the medal till now.

History of The Masters Medal

The history of The Masters Medal starts with the history of The Masters Tournament. Because without this tournament, The Masters Medal wouldn’t have existed. So I’ll tell you the history of one of the four biggest golf tournaments in short.

The Masters tournament is one of the four championships in professional golf and is played by most pro players. The tournament takes place in Augusta, Georgia, US. Augusta Nationals have the hardest golf course. This great tournament was established in 1934.

The amateur champion Bobby Jones started this historical tournament along with investment banker Clifford Roberts. Both of them bought a 365 Acre nursery in Augusta, paying $70000. They wanted to create the most exclusive golf club. This exclusive 72-hole golf course was planned by Alister McKenzie who’s an English designer.

They opened the club in early 1933, and one year after opening, Jones expanded the tournament, and that’s how The Masters Tournament was born.

Players who win this tournament get The Masters Medal as a souvenir along with a lifetime invitation to the Masters. Winners over the years treasure the medal and the trophy. The runner-up of the tournament gets a silver medal.


The Masters tournament is the most celebrated tournament in the golf industry. It is the only tournament that takes place in the same venue every year, which is Augusta National Golf Club. Every gold player’s dream is to participate in this tournament.

But you can’t just register your name and become a participant in the tournament. You have to get invited to this tournament and to get the invitation, you have to have some qualifications. You can be only eligible to win the Master Medal if you match the criteria of getting an invitation to The Masters Tournament. Don’t worry if you don’t know the criteria for getting the invitation to The Masters Tournament yet.

Who Are Eligible For The Masters Medal? 

  • Masters Tournament Champions (Lifetime).
  • U.S. Open Champions 107-2021 ( Honorary, non-competing after five years).
  • The Open Champions 2017-2021 ( Honorary, non-competing after five years).
  • PGA Champions 2017-2021 ( Honorary, non-competing after five years).
  • Winners of The Players Championship 2019-2022 ( Three Years).
  • Current Olympic Gold Medalist ( One Year).
  • Current U.S. Amateur Champion (7-A) ( Honorary, non-competing after one year)and the runner-up (7-B) to the current U.S. Amateur Champion.
  • 2021 Asia-Pacific Amateur Champion ( Honorary, non-competing after one year).
  • 2022 Latin America Amateur Champion.
  • 2021 U.S Mid-Amateur Champion.
  • The first 12 players in the 2021 Masters Tournament, including ties.
  • The first 4 players in the 2021 U.S Open championship, including ties.
  • The first 4 players in the 2021 PGA Championship, including ties.
  • Individual winners of PGA Tour events that award a full-point allocation for the season-ending Tour Championship.
  • Those who qualified for the 2021 season-ending tour championship.
  • The 50 leaders on the Final Official World Golf Ranking for the previous calendar year.
  • The 50 leaders on the official World Golf Ranking published during the week before the current Masters Tournament.


The purpose of The Masters Medal is pretty simple. Players get this gold medal after winning the hardest golf tournament to keep it as a souvenir. This gold medal isn’t the only winning gift the winner gets. He also receives a Green Jacket. He also gets access to the Champions locker room on the second floor of the Augusta National Clubhouse. He’ll get to choose the menu at the Champion’s Dinner the next year.

Recent Winners of The Masters Medal

2010Phil Mickelson272 (-16)
2011Charl Schwartzel274 (-14
2012Bubba Watson278 (-10)
2013Adam Scott279 (-9)
2014Bubba Watson280 (-8)
2015Jordan Spieth270 (-18)
2016Danny Willett283 (-5)
2017Sergio Garcia279 (-9)
2018Patrick Reed273 (-15)
2019Tiger Woods275 (-13)
2020Dustin Johnson268 (-20)
2021Hideki Matsuyama278 (-10)
2022Scottie Scheffler278 (-10)

These winners took home The Masters Medal along with the Green Jacket and Masters Trophy. They don’t only get these souvenirs. They get a handsome amount of money. Scheffler, the winner of The Masters Tournament 2022, said, “I’m just very thankful to be in this position.” He got $2.7 million for winning the tournament.


So dear reader, I hope you got the perfect amount of information that you needed about The Masters Medal. If you’re a golf player and giving your blood and sweat to master this sport, then encourage yourself to get qualified for The Masters Tournament so that you can win this astonishing medal along with the honorable Green Jacket and Replica of the permanent Masters Trophy.

The Masters Medal, Green jacket, and trophy are some things that every golf player wants to achieve. But the journey will not be that easy, my friend. So to get more pro in this field, practice more and get yourself ready.

In the journey of getting yourself ready, these pieces of information that I’ve given you will surely help a little. The more knowledge you gather and your passion, the more expert you get.

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