The judge in LIV Golf’s antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour

The judge is going to make a big decision after the PGA accuses LIV of choosing only the information that makes them look good.

The judge in LIV Golf’s antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour now has to decide what to do after lawyers for both sides indicated an impasse.

The PGA Tour and LIV Golf have been unable to come to an agreement regarding information in the lawsuit, so things have gotten heated.

We are sure you have heard, at least by now, that the series is backed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

PIF and its chief executive, Yasir Al-Rumayyan, can’t agree on what documentation to produce or share with their rival.

PGA Tour lawyers are working to depose the billionaire businessman who owns Premier League football club Newcastle United, arguing that the businessman is really pulling all the strings and not Greg Norman.

LIV’s legal team has maintained that PIF is not involved in the league’s management or day-to-day operations.

Attorneys representing LIV argued that disclosing such information would violate Saudi legislation in court filings earlier this week.

LIV attorneys demanded that any future exchanges with their adversary be limited to non-confidential documents under specific and agreed-upon conditions.

Two requirements are the “maintenance of the fund’s sovereign immunity” and having a Saudi legal expert approve what may be produced.

Naturally, this defense was rejected by the PGA’s legal team.

They stated in court records that they had reached “an stalemate” and that LIV’s strategy was “take it or leave it.”

According to them, LIV attempts to “cherry-pick” the information it wants to reveal.

In other words, Susan van Keulen, a federal judge, must now make a significant decision.

To reach some settlement, she had already requested on January 13 that both parties prepare a joint status report on the discovery procedure.

We genuinely have no idea how this will turn out.

Three LIV Golf contestants have previously lost cases before Beth Labson Freeman, another judge.

The PGA Tour only suspended three LIV players: Hudson Swafford, Matt Jones, and Talor Gooch.

Three golfers successfully obtained a temporary restraining order in August of last year in order to partake in the incredibly lucrative FedEx Cup playoffs.

Gooch in particular has received attention.

However, they fell short, giving the PGA Tour a head start as they expected.

The PGA Tour took legal action against its competitors. It alleges that LIV had unfairly tried to snatch away players like Dustin Johnson through lucrative contractual offerings.

After Phil Mickelson and 10 of his golfing peers united to form their own organisation, the PGA Tour took action – promptly suspending them all. But it wasn’t long before a legal battle ensued between the two parties over this decision.

Many participants left the lawsuit once LIV became a plaintiff a month later.

In the legal dispute over allegations that the PGA Tour is withholding bonus money from him, Bryson DeChambeau is still engaged.

According to LIV, the PGA Tour maintains a “monopolist” stranglehold over the professional golf industry.

The trial to decide this has been scheduled for next January. The PGA Tour has expressed worries that hosting LIV is nothing more than a ruse to hide other difficulties.

The situation will be settled considerably more swiftly across the water.

Next month, the future-defining decision made by the DP World Tour on the eligibility of LIV players will be made public. Check back to see whether they have made a decision.

Henrik Stenson will undoubtedly win in the LIV competition, showcasing his unshakable confidence and tenacity.

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