The McIlroy Feud “Got Blown Out Of Proportion,” Says Patrick Reed

More contests between LIV and PGA Tour golfers in competitions, like the one Patrick Reed had with Rory McIlroy in Dubai; according to Reed, everything will ease tensions between the two groups of players.

A judge blocked the DP World Tour from prohibiting LIV Golf participants from competing in their tournaments, which allowed Reed and other LIV competitors like Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter to compete against Rory McIlroy in Dubai.

The American then threw a branded LIV Golf tee at the Northern Irishman before the competition even began after McIlroy blanked Reed on the driving range. The two then squared off on the course, with McIlroy winning by a stroke thanks to a final-hole eagle that averted one of the most stressful playoffs in sports history.

Although Reed is one of the game’s more combative players, he says that their battle in Dubai was friendly, and he believes that the more the two teams compete against one another, the more the tension will dissipate which will cause the whole issue to calm down and end it.

According to Reed, who spoke to Golf Digest, “I believe you’re going to start seeing over (the next) year, hopefully, everything’s able to sort of quiet down and enable it to happen more frequently.

Who knows, perhaps you will engage in these conflicts more regularly in the future. Not just on the European Tour, though.

The most memorable encounters between Reed and McIlroy throughout the years were their epic Ryder Cup singles match at Hazeltine in 2016 and their final-round pairing at the 2018 Masters, where Reed won his one Major championship.

Reed remarked, “Battle with Rory was awesome. He and I were staying at the same hotel, and each time we saw one another, we said, “Hey, how are you doing?’ But the problem about Dubai is that it got blown out of proportion as if it were something terrible between two players. It was ordinary. 

Was there likely some trickery? And there are probably some things happening as a result of many other things. “Rory has always had my utmost respect. The conflicts I’ve had with him have always been my favorites. The 2016 Ryder Cup highlights, which I just viewed, are just ridiculous.

“When I was playing with Reed on Sunday at Augusta, the same thing occurred. As a golfer attempting to win his first Major, playing against Rory McIlroy is the ideal scenario. Also, he was aiming for a career grand slam.

We’ll get at least those four opportunities to see both groups of players slugging it out in the same event this year because LIV Golf players are allowed to compete in all four Majors. If a judge sides with Greg Norman’s team, we’ll also see more of it on the DP World Tour.

After his jump in LIV Golf, Sergio Garcia’s friendship with Rory McIlroy ended, but Garcia doesn’t accept responsibility.

Garcia told The Telegraph that while he is unhappy that his long-standing friendship with McIlroy is broken, McIlroy was the one who “lacked maturity” at the end, ahead of LIV Golf’s season starting this week in Mexico.

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