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In February 2021, Tiger Woods was hurt in a bad vehicle accident. Woods had numerous wounds as a result of the event, including ankle and leg fractures in his right leg. Woods has missed a number of events due to health problems he developed after the accident.

This raises the question, ‘Will Tiger Wood struggle in the masters this session?’ Immelman, though, believes that the earlier figure will return to the greens for the Masters.

Since 1978, Trevor Immelman has been the first South African to have won the competition. Off the golf course, Immelman and Woods share a tight friendship. Immelman frequently acknowledged the legend as having had a significant impact on his career. They engage in a friendly competition on the golf course and frequently practice together. Will Immelman’s prediction come true, though?

Is It Possible For Tiger Wood To Secure The Green This Year?

Due to the aftereffects of the injuries, Woods has competed in a relatively limited number of tournaments since the 2022 British Open. Additionally, he suffers from plantar fasciitis, which has hampered his recovery.

He hasn’t participated in as many competitions as he would have wanted as a result. He participated in the tour a little bit, but not enough to be regarded as a regular player.

Immelman hinted in an interview that Woods would return to the Master’s program this year. He said, “I do expect him to play the Masters.”

The 2008 Masters champion thinks Woods is working out a lot. “ I spent a lot of time with him at the end of the previous year, and he is working hard as usual.”

Additionally, he thinks Woods is in fantastic shape. But he worries about how the legendary golfer will navigate the course while hurt. He must ensure that he is indeed prepared to walk that course for four or five days straight. “He had a good-looking game when I saw him, so that would be my only lingering doubt about him,” he continued.

Immelman respects Woods’ dedication to his career. He thinks Woods is doing everything in his power to get things back to normal for his family. He is simultaneously attempting to prepare himself to compete.

Tiger Woods Outstanding Masters’ Journey

When he was just 21 years old, Tiger won his first Masters competition, launching him into the public eye. As one of the finest players of his generation, he continued on to win the Masters three more times in 2001, 2002, and 2005.

Woods, unfortunately, has recently faced a number of difficulties in his personal and professional life. He also battled injuries and had numerous operations, which kept him off of the tour for a major portion of it.

He experienced challenges in 2019 despite making a stunning comeback at the Masters. For the fifth time in his career, he triumphed in the tournament. The triumph reignited the public’s excitement for Woods and the game of golf, making it one of the greatest comeback stories in sports history.

Despite not winning any more majors, Woods has since kept up his top level of competition, making the cut at the Masters in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Will the GOAT secure a win this season?

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