Watch The Masters in Person

You can watch The Masters in person if you have a valid ticket, and if you get a series badge, you can easily get tickets for the tournament. For general people, you should apply in online, and Ballot will allocate it through the authority.

The Masters Tournament is one of the world’s most exclusive and iconic sporting events. Golf fans from around the globe gather at Augusta National Golf Club each year to watch professional golfers compete for a chance to win this prestigious tournament. You can get tickets to see The Masters live and in person, but first, you need to know what those opportunities are and how they work.

The Masters 2023 is approaching. If you want to be one of the people in the massive crowd that packs into the hallowed grounds of Augusta National Golf Club to watch the event in person, then you better get planning now. This blog looks at the different phases of the journey and how you can get to the magical grounds of Augusta.

Ticket Availability

The Ticket for Masters 2023 is limited and very difficult to find. However still, if you try the proper way, you can get the tickets.

  • As a series badge holder for the tournament, you will have access to tickets for all seven days of the tournament. Tickets will be available for purchase in early 2023. Series badge holders will have the opportunity to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public.
  • There are a few ways to get tickets. You can purchase them directly from Augusta National, or you can buy them through resale.
  • In order to purchase tickets directly from the club, you must be a member or invited guest of one of its members and have an account with Ticketmaster. Tickets are not sold on-site at any time during The Tournament weekend.
  • If you’re looking for last-minute deals on resale sites such as StubHub or SeatGeek, be sure that what you’re purchasing is actually legitimate before making your purchase. There have been reports of fraudulent sales in recent years!

Is It Possible to Get Tickets to The Masters?

The tournament authority every year unleashes a few practice rounds and daily tournament tickets. When purchasing tickets for the Masters, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First, tickets are only sold through an official ticket lottery or allocated by Ballot. So you have to apply in the online application.
  • Second, tickets are non-transferable, so you must be the one to enter the lottery.
  • Third, you can not apply for others like friends or relatives.
  • Fourth, Applicants must have to be above 21 years old.
  • Lastly, you may only purchase tickets for the practice rounds or the tournament itself, not both.

If you are lucky enough to win the lottery, congrats! You’ll need to pay for your tickets in full within 7 days. You will then be able to print out your tickets or have them mailed to you. When picking up your tickets, you’ll need to present a valid photo ID.

Keep in mind that The Event is a very popular tournament, so it’s important to plan ahead. Make sure you have your tickets well in advance so you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Ticket Price of The Masters 2023

The cost of attending the Masters Tournament in 2023 will be,

  1. You must pay $375 for 7 days if you are a series badge holder. Children from 8-16 years can get free accompanied with you if you get the series badge.
  2. For general people, the ticket price for a daily practice round is $75, and for a daily tournament is $115.
  3. If you buy from the resale, you may have to pay a $5000 final round ticket.

Planning and Preparation

The first step to watching The Masters is knowing where to watch it. There are many different options for watching the tournament, including hotels and rental properties; camping in a tent or RV; or even staying with friends or family members who live near Augusta National Golf Club.

The second step is planning what you will wear for the occasion. You don’t want to go overdressing for this event; you’re outside most of the time and can get hot quickly if wearing too many layers.

However, there will also be times when it gets chilly out during this period (especially at night), so make sure that whatever outfit(s) you choose has room for extra layers if necessary!

Thirdly, ensure all your belongings are packed up before heading out on Friday morning! You don’t want anything weighing down on your mind while trying to enjoy yourself during these four days. So take care not to forget anything important while packing up everything else needed specifically.

Know the Rules and Regulations For Spectators

If you’re planning to attend The Masters in person, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. First, as with any sporting event or concert, you must be 18 years or older to attend.
  2. Second, while tickets are available through official channels like Ticketmaster and StubHub, they’re also sold on the secondary market by third-party vendors, and those tickets may not be legitimate. You must purchase your ticket from an authorized seller to enjoy your time at Augusta National Golf Club without worrying about getting caught up in a scam.
  3. Third, you can not bring any camera or phone with you. You should now carry any flag or political symbol with you.
  4. Fourth. You must not run when you are on the grounds or field, and don’t pull your cap backward at Augusta.
  5. Finally: Be sure not to bring any food or drink into the venue. Security will confiscate anything they find (including water bottles), so ensure everything stays home before heading out for the day’s festivities.

Tips for Enjoying the Experience in Person to Watch The Masters

The Masters is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, and it is always a great experience to watch it in person. Here are some tips to make the most of your experience:

  1. Get there early: the gates open at 8 am, so try to arrive early to get a good spot.
  2. Bring a chair or blanket: you will be standing for most of the day, so ensure you are comfortable.
  3. While The Event is a major sporting event, it’s not like you will be sitting in an arena or stadium. Instead, most spectators will be watching from their own homes, and those who want a more immersive experience can choose from several different types of seating options at Augusta National Golf Club.
  4. Bring food and drinks: food and drink options are available at the tournament, but they can be expensive. Save money by bringing your own picnic.
  5. Dress for the weather: the tournament takes place in April, so be prepared for potentially cold and wet weather.
  6. Have fun: The Tournament is a great event to watch, so enjoy yourself and soak up the atmosphere.

Can Anyone Go to Watch The Masters?

To attend The Masters in person, you must be a ticket holder. You will need a ticket to enter the grounds and then another to enter the tournament grounds.


If you want to go to watch The Tournament, it’s important that you plan ahead and do your research. You can find out more about the rules and regulations for spectators at the Augusta National Golf Club by visiting their website here. There are also many other online resources related to this topic, including our guide on getting tickets for The Masters 2023 which contains helpful tips on how best to enjoy your time there, whether it be as an attendee or even a volunteer.

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