How to Watch The Masters Golf on Roku

The Masters Tournament is just one week away, and lots of golfers out there are eager to watch this event. Are you too eagerly waiting for The Masters? How do you stream the tournament? Do you own Roku? Don’t worry!!! Here I will discuss how to watch the Masters 2023 on Roku.

Roku is one of the oldest companies that provide streaming services. Nowadays, you can get a wide range of Roku devices, ranging from sticks and boxes as well as smart TVs. If you own any of the devices, you’ll be able to say that they’re exceptional when it comes down to entertainment.

Let’s get detailed knowledge on how you can easily stream The Masters.

How to Watch The Masters on Roku

There are various things you can accomplish using Roku. It is important to know how to watch the Masters on your Roku device.

Whether you already have an established Roku account or are starting out, this section of work is suitable for you. Here’s how to get started.

  • Step 1: Ensure you have a reliable internet connection

Since Roku provides its services online, you must be connected to the internet before streaming any of its offerings.

I recommend every broadband connection. But, there are additional channels that specify the kind of connection. Overall, mobile hotspots are not suggested due to their extremely low dependability.

  • Step 2: Open and set up a Roku account

Before you can stream any content on Roku, sign up for an account. Creating an account with a Roku is a simple process.

Your account will contain all the channels you’ll buy and any other settings you can use using your Roku. So go to the Roku profile page to create your account and fill out the form given. Then select your payment option and make the purchase of CBS. The channel will be broadcasting the Masters 2023.

  • Step 3: Connect your Roku to a screen

The next step is to connect your Roku to the TV you own. It is compatible with your television. When connected, it’ll recognize the kind of display. You will choose the option for the language. On the next screen, you’ll select the connection type; wireless or wired.

  • Step 4: Now to link your account

Your account is an archive of all the content you’ll see.

How to Watch The Masters 2023 Live on Roku Everywhere

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Wrapping up

That’s all on how to watch the Masters on Roku in 2023. You can watch the Saturday and Sunday rounds when they are broadcasted. You can cause Roku users and Roku TVs to watch the tournament. All you have to do is join your credentials for streaming media for authentication with ESPN and CBS Channel.


Can I watch The Masters Golf Live Streaming on Roku?

Yes, you can watch the Masters live streaming on Roku. It requires an additional TV streaming account, such as Hulu, YouTube TV, etc., to stream the tournament for free on Roku. Roku is a good option when you subscribe to the Sling. Subscribers to the Sling can get Roku with any of the Sling plans.

There is a problem with the Sling experiencing difficulty with CBS, which means that they are not able to broadcast on CBS. This means that there is no way to get an agreement. However, users can test other streaming services.

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