The Masters Silver Cup

The Masters Silver Cup, often known as The Masters, or The US Masters, is one of the four most prominent events in the world of professional golf. The Masters is the year-beginning golf tournament, and it is always scheduled for the first week of April. Unlike other big sports tournaments, this tournament is always held at the same address, Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, United States.

In this article, we will go through the specifics of this tournament and will try to justify the purposes and impacts of the event. Till the end of this blog, we will let you know each possible important information about the US Masters Tournament.

History of the U.S Masters Tournament

At an early age, this tournament was named the ‘Augusta National Invitation Tournament’. The first tournament was arranged by Bobby Jons on 22 March 1934. The first tournament was won by Horton Smith, and he got honored with 1,500 USD.

Bobby Jons had the plan to run a golf course after his retirement as a professional player. So he shared the idea with Clifford Roberts, who became the chairman of the club. Mr. Jones hired Alister MacKenize to assist him to make the course outline. The project started in 1931, and finally, the course was launched in 1933.

The starting tournament was played with current cups (hole in the golf field) 10 through 18 played as the first nine and 1 through 9 as the second 9. But the present layout was formed for the 1935 tournament. The tournament was renamed in 1939, and the new name was The Masters Tournament.

How the Masters Silver Cup Works

The Masters Tournament is designed as a four-day long tournament. Generally, it begins on Thursday and ends on Sunday. The tournament consists of four rounds of 18 holes each. Every day a different round is played in the schedule of four days.

The tournament lasts for four days, usually from Thursday to Sunday. A different round is played each day. Every hole has a limitation of maximum strokes that a golf player can take to get the ball in the hole. Every golfer tries to make the minimum strokes to get the maximum number of balls in the hole.

After the second round, players are ranked, and only the top fifty scorers get the allowance to play in the third round, including ties. Unfortunately, the rest of the players get eliminated from the competition. The player with the best score is declared the winner at the end of the last day.

The winner gets the winner trophy which is a big crystal bowl engraved with ‘Masters Tournament’ around the bowl’s body. In 1952 the club introduced a new award named the Silver Cup. This is presented to the amateur players on scoring the lowest score.

The Purpose of The Masters Silver Cup

Unlike other tournaments, the Masters have a unique characteristic that is they honor the lowest score holder player with the Silver Cup to mainly inspire and motivate amateur players toward professional golf.

The US Masters is the only tournament that is conducted by a private club rather than any government committee or national golf organization like the PGA. The main intention behind establishing this golf event was to find out the new golf talents and also the silent marketing of the golf course by the founder of the tournament, Mr. Bobby Jons.

The Impact of The Masters Silver Cup

Starting from 1932, the Masters has created a couple of impacts in the world of golf. It has built a big community of golfers around the world. The feature of awarding the lowest amateur scorer is influencing the young golf freaks to join the tournament with the old legends, and that’s working to make better communication between the generations of professional golf.

Today more than a half dozen amateur golf players come front every year to play the US Masters, and this was possible because of the concept of the Silver Cup. There are seven successful golfers who have won the low amateur Silver Cup to the Winner of the Masters. Those players are Cary Middlecofff, Hideki Mastsuyama, Jack Nicklaus, Sergio Garcia, Ben Crenshaw, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson.

This event has presented us with legendary golfers like Jack Nicklaus, who has won the tournament six times which is the highest number of wins in the history of the US Masters. He is also the oldest winner of the Masters as he won is at the age of 46 years and 82 days. Additionally, Jack has the record of the most top tens with 22 and the most cuts maker with 37.


Today known as the U.S. Masters is one of the four biggest golf events in the world. This was started in 1932 by a retired golf player Mr. Bobby Jons. Usually, the tournament is held in April at Augusta National Golf Club every year. Because of the concept of the Silver Cup, amateur golf freaks are interested in participating in the tournament.

This event is just not a regular golf tournament. This is also an event that finds out the potential golf talents around the world. If you are a golf lover then you must keep following the Masters to know about the future legends of golf. Somehow, if you are someone who plays golf, then you might participate in the US Masters to take out your talent and skills in front of the world.

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