How to Watch The Masters Golf 2023 on TV in the UK


You can watch The Masters tournament on the Sky Sports channel in the UK since they are the official broadcaster this year. A live streaming app, as well as an official channel, are both available for your TV so that you can view both on your device.

Usually held during the first whole week of April, The Masters is the world’s biggest golf tournament. This informative article is written keeping to help UK Golf fans who are wondering how to watch The Masters Golf 2023 on TV in the UK.

The Masters is one of the greatest Golf tournaments that happen every year at Augusta National Golf Club. Not everyone can attend the tournament. Many of us are looking for a suitable way to enjoy the tournament on our preferred devices.

You can watch the Masters in the UK by following the instructions in this article.

Event Information

When and Where Will the Masters 2023 Be Broadcast in the UK?

It is possible to stream the Augusta National Masters from the UK. In 2023, The tournament will happen from 6 April – 9 April. UK fans can catch this live action from Sky Sports channel. Sky Sports Golf channel will broadcast every minute of this tournament in HD quality.

The Masters Official Broadcaster

It is necessary to purchase a Sky Sports package if you wish to watch The Masters 2023 live on TV in the UK. They are the official broadcaster for this year’s tournament. Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports will telecast “The Masters” live.

Unfortunately, there is no alternate TV channel this year that will broadcast the tournament this year. Previously BBC had the official rights alongside Sky Sports, but the contract between the BBC and Augusta National Golf Club expired after last year’s tournament.

So, Sky Sports will host over 70 hours of live coverage of The Masters this season.

Live Stream

If you don’t have a cable connection in your home, you don’t have to worry. In the UK, you can still watch the tournament from a live-streaming platform without a cable connection.

Sky Sports is the official channel that will broadcast the tournament all over the UK, and they have an available sports app called Sky Sports Go. From that app, you can watch all types of sports content live, including The Masters 2023. Follow this simple process to watch it on your TV:

  1. First, visits Sky Sports’ official website from any browser.
  2. Then sign up to provide the information. In most cases, you have to provide your email id, full name, and contact name.
  3. Download the app from the store. Type Sky Sports Go on the search menu.
  4. After downloading and installing, you need to purchase their monthly plan in order to watch the tournament.
  5. From the live streaming section, you can enjoy the tournament.

This app also includes exclusive interviews, analysis, live updates from Amen Corner, and rolling highlights. Other special features are also available, including footage from past Masters Tournaments.


Fans all over the world are waiting every year for this tournament to happen. Every big and famous Golf player plays in this prestigious tournament.

We have given information on how to watch The Masters Golf 2023 on TV in the UK. In a detailed manner, we have discussed how to watch it with cable and without cable. We are hoping you’ll find our article useful and informative.


Can I watch The Masters for free?

No, you can’t. You need to purchase a monthly plan in order to enjoy the tournament.

Is the Masters on TV in the UK?

You can watch it on Sky Sports channel, as they are the official broadcaster.

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